True, iPad 2 Is More Important Than Any Book; Untrue, Nobody Care About Physical Books!

Apple is invading schools.  After all, kids will be our future leaders.  It’s best to have them think that iPad 2 is the only tool that the future leaders need to use for futuristic agenda.  OK, maybe it’s a plausible propaganda for a commercial company so it can sell more products for a long time to come, but it’s also a fashion statement that nowadays, even a school superintendent seems to think so that iPad 2 is more important than a book.  According to Cnet, superintendent Tom Morill of Auburn schools in Maine has declared that iPad 2 is more important than a book.

True, digital book readers such as iPad 2 and Kindle are so much more capable than any book!  These digital readers can access millions of books, and nobody needs a backpack to carry all the books of the world around when one just needs to leisurely stroll in the park with an iPad 2 in left or right palm.  Untrue, digital book readers will replace physical books in a sense that nobody wants to print any physical book anymore.  I think physical books probably are still the best way to keep information around much much longer.  For an example, nobody has to depend on a corporation to have certain books around for centuries to come, because nobody can be sure such a corporation is still profitable in centuries to come.  When a corporation that is responsible for storing digital ebooks is out of business, we have to hope that someone else is going to take up that responsibility or else those ebooks won’t be accessible even iPad 2 is awesome.  In the case of physical books, people will always have them somewhere, probably collecting dusts in the attics or basements.

Just like a television age had never successfully putting out radio business, because people like choices.  I’m all for iPad 2 and Kindle and more, but I want to know that physical books are going to be printed, still.  Two words, more choices!  Perhaps, libraries that carries both versions (i.e., physical and digital) are best comfort for all of us who love books.  So we all know that we can always run out to a library for any form of books.

There is no argument there against what the superintendent Tom Morill has declared, but we should argue to save a place within our hearts for physical books.  Maybe one day, a fictional disaster may materialize such as a virus has wiped out all digital ebooks in the world, and the only books left are the physical ones that have been collecting dusts in a long forgotten section of certain rundown libraries.  Such a scenario is farfetched, but I bring this up to remind us nothing in this world is impossible!  We made to the moon, didn’t we?


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