Your Digital Past Might Haunt You Forever

Have you ever heard the phrase what you say you cannot take it back?  Nowadays, the Internet is having the same problem.  What you post you may not be able to delete or erase.  As the Internet becomes a prominent source for employers and potential partners and business partners and customers, you can never be too careful in posting your contents over the Internet.  People may see you differently face to face, but the information age requires them to dig into your past beyond the handshaking and greeting smile moments.  Posting something that’s stupid or offensive or just plain idiotic on the Internet may make you look bad, but sometimes something may not be true about you is also lurking on the Internet to defame you.  Deleting your own Facebook’s pictures may be easy, but how are you going to go about to remove negative contents about you in multiple digital locations that you have no access to?

According to the article “Erasing the Digital Past” from The New York Times, people who want to bury their digital pasts can seek out reputation management companies for help.  In reality, even these reputation management companies are excellent in burying people’s digital pasts, but they cannot really assure you that everything will be completely buried or erased from the Internet.  Why?  The people behind these companies are just like you except they are dedicated to your cause and have more knowledge on how to convince online companies to remove your digital material and they have resources to make sure they can do what they claim to do for you; in the end it’s still depending on the companies that have your digital past to make a decision in deleting your digital contents.

The true way to keep your digital past safe from everyone is not to have one in the first place.  This way requires you to be really darn sure of what you want to expose about yourself over the Internet.  It means don’t post something you don’t like people to know about you over the Internet.  It also means don’t post something you’ll regret later over the Internet.  It’s very much like the phrase what you say you cannot take it back.  Stick to the idea of what you say or post you cannot take it back can save you tons of money, because you don’t have to worry about paying the specialists who can remove your digital past.  It could get worse in certain cases such as the reputation management specialists had tried their hardest, but yet they could not still completely bury your digital past even though you have spent tons of money on them.  You see the point?


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