Twittering Now With HTTPS To Safeguard Account Against Hackers

Following after Facebook, Twitter now has decided its users can log in and browsing Twitter more securely with the use of HTTPS protocol.  It won’t be enable by default, so you have to go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom where it displays a check box of HTTPS, enable the check box so you can browse Twitter securely.

I’d read somewhere that famous celebrity Ashton Kutcher was hacked at TED conference, and the hacker joked about his using of Twitter without the usage of HTTPS protocol.  Maybe now Ashton Kutcher won’t have to worry about using his Twitter in public when his password is encrypted with HTTPS protocol.

Yes, HTTPS is a must for browsing just about anything in public network, but some people prefer not to use it as HTTPS can sometimes slow down the loading of a web page tremendously.  Still, I think you should use HTTPS with Twitter if you care about keeping Twitter account safe.  Have fun Twittering with HTTPS!


Soon Low Quality Videos On YouTube Will Look Better With Green Parrot Pictures Acquisition Made By Google

Google announces that the company has acquired Green Parrot Pictures.  Not telling much, but Google is frank about its motive of acquiring this company.  Google is after the technology that this company brings.  Apparently, Green Parrot Pictures knows how to improve low quality videos into good looking videos.  Google hopes with this newly acquisition, YouTube’s low quality videos can display better pictures.  Furthermore, users who are worrying about bandwidth usage can be less worried about uploading low quality videos to YouTube.  Green Parrot Pictures was founded by Associate Professor Anil Kokaram at the Engineering School of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.