Sooner Than You Think, Intel Will Release Light Peak! Light Peak Inside Apple MacBook Pros?

It’s time to look forward, but not backward!  About what?  It’s about time to stop drooling of USB 3.0, and you need to get ready to drool about Light Peak since Intel is going to release it very soon.  According to CNet, Intel will host some sort of public announcement on Thursday in San Francisco to introduce Light Peak — we may know the launch date too, but we have to see about that!  So why should we stop looking backward at USB 3.0 and looking forward at Intel’s Light Peak?  Oh, my apology for repeating the same question in various forms, because the answer is so simple that I just want to play with words!  The answer to our Jeopardy question is that you will be able to double the data transfer speed of USB 3.0 by using Light Peak technology.

USB 3.0 in theory is capable of 4.8Gbps of data transferring, but in reality you won’t get the full 4.8Gbps with USB 3.0.  On the other hand, Light Peak allows you to transfer data at 10Gbps.  With Light Peak, I’m imagining that I can use an external hard drive that is supporting this technology as if it’s an internal hard drive.  I’m thinking about installing an operating system on external hard drive that supports Light Peak!  Hell, I can do a lot more than that, but you already know what you want to do and probably don’t care what I’m going to do with Light Peak’s compatible devices!  Obviously, I’ve not a clue about the affordability of this technology, but we’ll see!

Oh, one last thing, everyone knows Apple has been anticipating for Light Peak for a long time, and so it’s not a surprise to see Light Peak technology inside the soon to be released new MacBook Pros.  So, new MacBook Pros — the 2011 versions — will make the 2010 MacBook Pros look so outdated!  Not because of Light Peak technology solely, but the new line of MacBook Pros will also have Intel’s Sandy Bridge chips, probably dual internal hard drives with a solid state drive as one of the dual hard drives, better battery life, and to complete the package with Light Peak — everything is going to be very sweet, except for the price tags.  If none of this is true, then it will be truly a sad day for Apple users who have been anticipated for what next.



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