Backup and Restore Your Social Life With Backupify

Another cloud specific service, Backupify, is vowing to safe you from irretrievable data of certain social networks and blog and email services.  If you have accounts with Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Blogger, Google Contacts, Picasa, and Zoho, Backupify will able to backup your accounts.  According to Cnet, only certain types of accounts are able to be restored with ease, but others may not be so easy to restore even though Backupify has the backups of your accounts.  An example would be Twitter — Twitter isn’t allowing third party services such as Backupify to push data onto Twitter with correct time stamps, therefore the messages of archives may look as if these were instantly posted.

With a free Backupify account, a user gets 2 GB of storage, 5 accounts eligible for weekly backups, and technical support is available through email only.  For US$4.99/month, a user gets 20 GB of storage, 25 accounts eligible for nightly backups, and technical support is available through email, phone, and over the web.  A user can get unlimited storage/accounts if he/she is willing to pay US$19.99/month.  Using free accounts, users’ data will be archived forever unless the users want to delete them.  Using premium accounts, users have seven-day grace period to download the data after the subscription is expired.

Only hardcore Internet users may need Backupify.  One big software/service that Backupify has not yet supported which is WordPress.  I’m hoping WordPress would be on their list soon!  We all know WordPress is an amazing open source blog software, and is an amazing free blog service.  I think WordPress is as popular as Blogger.  Nonetheless, I’ve digressed.  I think with free Backupify account, 2 GB of storage for backups is more than enough for many people.  Certain people who have tons of pictures using Flickr, 2 GB of storage may not be enough, but the next option isn’t expensive.  Have you ever used Backupify?  What do you think about Backupify?

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