Send A Robot To School

The future is going to be full of robots?  Actually, we can never know until we see it, but playing with words is rather exciting…  The story goes, a high school student from Texas, Lyndon Baty, uses robot to attend school in his place.  Well, not exactly replacing the student himself, because the robot acts as a medium for Lyndon Baty to interact with his teachers and fellow students.  So why this Texan student uses robot instead of attending school himself?  It’s not like he is too lazy to go to school.  Instead, Lyndon Baty has no immune system whatsoever, and so he has to use the robot to interact with just about anyone.

Not too long ago, we’ve heard South Korea uses robots to replace foreign English teachers to teach second language classes such as English.  Now we have a student in Texas uses robot to attend school.  Soon we may even have doctors and patients interact with each other over some sort of robotic technology for minor checkups.  Robots may become more important to humans than we know it today.  What do you think about using a robot to do something in your place?


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