Online Privacy Is Now A Darling Again? Maybe? Google and Mozilla Vow To Provide Tools To Protect Your Online Privacy!

I could be blowing on something with hot air here, but I think often times well known security suites may not really all that comprehensive when it comes down to protecting your privacy as you surf the web.  Many advertisers are able to track you and retain all types of information about you according to your web footprint.  Lately, according to an article on Yahoo/AP, even the government is complaining how advertisers are able to collect too much data of online users.  Google who’s developed and maintained of Chrome browser and Mozilla who’s developed and maintained Firefox and Microsoft who’s developed and maintained IE are promising that they will soon roll out tools to protect users’ privacy better.  Nonetheless, even though these tools will be standard feature on their browsers, I surmise you may have to turn them on manually.

Speaking of better privacy while surfing the web, when using Firefox you’ve a plethora of extensions that may already have done the things that Google and Mozilla and Microsoft are now trying to do.  For an example, you can add Ghostery, Noscript, WOT, and BrowserMasquerade extensions onto Firefox to pretty much thwart online advertisers.

Turning on Ghostery extension itself may not do much unless you go into its options and configure so it can block even more aggressive advertisers.  Using Ghostery, you can also manually adding individual well known or not so well known advertiser to the block list.  Noscript allows you to basically block many web scripts, and to the best of my knowledge many online advertisers use some types of scripts to track your online presence.  WOT is one of those unique extension that can prevent you from visiting malicious websites.  Browser Masquerade helps you confuse the website owners and web servers, because even online advertisers have to use some types of servers to store data about your online presence — this extension somewhat may help in this regard.

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