Willing To Make A Switch To IPV6 Yet?

IPV4 is making headline again, but for a bad reason!  According to some, IPV4 is at 98% capacity which means when IPV4 reaches 100%, the people who dispense IPV4 for businesses and home networks won’t be able to do so.  Sometimes in the future, IPV6 is the only way for one to browse the Internet and the only way for a company to host a website.  That sometimes in the future I fear are going to be around the corner if the Internet is going to grow at an even faster rate.

Maybe at first, many businesses are going to configure their devices and software and firmware to be compatible with both IPV4 and IPV6 at the same time, but in the long run many businesses might prefer to utilize only IPV6 since it’s a headache to deal with both protocols at the same time.  When that time arrives, home users who do not have IPV6 network may not be able to browse these businesses’ websites such as Google.  Vice versa, businesses are going to be very hesitated about switching to IPV6 only in fear of losing customers.

It’s like a tug of war robe game that kids love to play, but the winner in Internet protocol tug of war isn’t going to be the one who lasts longer on keeping ground, instead it’s the one who gives in first will be the winner.  If the businesses are going to go IPV6 only, ISPs and their customers must switch over to IPV6.  Vice versa is also true.

Do you think your home network is IPV6 capable?  Try to talk to your ISP about it!  Google about IPV6 and learn about it if you have plenty of time on your hand and you are curious enough about IPV6.  Also, you can visit test-ipv6.com to see if your network is IPV6 compatible.


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