When Pogoplug hiccups, try this!

Sometimes, Pogoplug hiccups and your external hard drives won’t be recognized.  When this happens, your media files could not be streamed across your network and on the web.  Don’t sweat the small stuffs!  Here is a fix for you:  (Important: Don’t try this when your Pogoplug is only doing what it suppose to do such as scanning for media.  Sometimes, Pogoplug gets really slow in responding to you or streaming anything when it’s actually scanning for meta-data, indexing your external hard drives, and transcoding your media files.)

1)  Login to your my.pogoplug.com (that’s, your Pogoplug admin account), eject all problematic hard drive(s) (if this takes too long, be brave and disconnect your hard drives from Pogoplug physically)

2)  Disconnect your problematic hard drive from pogoplug physically

3)  Turn on your Windows 7 PC, connect the problematic hard drive(s) into your Windows 7 PC

4)  Allow the problematic hard drive to be discovered

5)  Click Fix (something of sort, I forgot the question Windows 7 asks)

6)  Let Windows 7 fixes and re-index the file system

7)  Shut down your Windows 7 PC to release the problematic hard drive from it (for some reason, Windows 7 PC cannot safely remove the external hard drive after it fixes, issue must be inherited from Pogoplug, I’m sure there is a way you can delete a certain file or force stopping a certain process on Windows 7 to allow the release of the problematic hard drive, but I was too lazy to find out, and did a quick dirty fix by shut down Windows 7 PC altogether)

8)  Reconnect the problematic hard drive which is now fixed into Pogoplug

9)  You should see a disconnected hard drive is now reconnected,

10)  On the web and in your my.pogoplug.com (that’s, your Pogoplug admin account), go into your settings > media settings and recheck the boxes that allow your hard drives to stream media files

11)  Your media should be OK for streaming after you have done the steps above

Additional tip!  In case you know you haven’t had anything that should be seeking on your external hard drives, and yet your external hard drives’ light(s) stays on (it signifies that it’s busied doing something), then you should use either your iPhone/iPod Touch or any other compatible device and check to see if the media files can be streamed from your Pogoplug’s external hard drives.  If not, then you know Pogoplug and the external hard drives have issues.  Try the steps above if nothing else works!

Update:  Sometimes, your firewall could block 4365 UDP port which prevents your external drives to be recognized by Pogoplug.  To fix this, open up the outgoing connection for 4365 UDP port.


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