Priority Inbox, Another Awesome Feature Comes To Gmail Users Soon!

Don’t you hate your email’s Inbox greets you with tons of unimportant messages such as spam emails?  It’s an old story, but it’s a prevalent one which you wish there is a simpler solution to it.  The folks at Google is planning to roll out something known as Priority Inbox for Gmail, and this feature attempts to unclutter your Gmail’s Inbox.

You can compare this new feature to the most primitive artificial intelligence!  Why?  Priority Inbox is like an assistant to you as it sorts out the emails it thinks you want to read, and it stuffs the unimportant emails into the everything else category.  Something that you think you should read later, Priority Inbox stuffs such emails into the category where all emails would be starred.  The more you use the Priority Inbox, the more it learns of your behavior in categorizing which email is important.  In a sense, Priority Inbox can only get better at helping you out in sorting the email messages in your Gmail account.

Google says it won’t roll out Priority Inbox for Gmail users till next week!  Google has some more testing to do for the feature needs to be better than now as it rolls out for the mass.  Check out the video below to see what is Priority Inbox in a fun way!


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