Enable Automatic Login For Jolicloud

Want to enter Jolicloud system right after booting up without entering username and password?  It’s easy!  Login to Jolicloud system first, hit keys ALT F2, type in [gksu /usr/sbin/gdmsetup] without the square brackets, enter an administrative password if it asks you, go to security tab, and check the box that says Enable Automatic Login.  Have fun joliclouding!

6 thoughts on “Enable Automatic Login For Jolicloud

  1. Press Alt+F1
    type in: sudo nano /etc/slim.conf
    type in: [Your Password]

    Press Ctrl+W
    Type in default_user
    Press enter

    Delete the # sign before default_user
    Change “Simone” to [your username]

    Press Ctrl+W
    Type in auto_login
    Delete the # sign before auto_login
    Change “no” to “yes” (without quotation marks)
    Should look like this:
    # default user, leave blank or remove this line
    # for avoid pre-loading the username.
    default_user [your username]

    # Focus the password field on start when default_user is set
    # Set to “yes” to enable this feature
    #focus_password no

    # Automatically login the default user (without entering
    # the password. Set to “yes” to enable this feature
    auto_login yes

    Press Ctrl+O
    Press Enter
    Press Ctrl+X
    Type in sudo reboot

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