Diaspora Project Is A Threat To Facebook?

I’ve a feeling that Diaspora project may destroy Facebook completely and the rest of what we’ve came to know about the concept of a social network, but I’ve been wrong many times before.  Don’t worry, a concept of a social network will not be destroyed, but only be enhanced for the sake of privacy – a social network revolution!  The concept for Diaspora is quite neat I’ve to say!  From watching Diaspora’s video blog, I surmise they’re creating a software, and someday you may use the fully functional version of it to run your very own Facebook!  It’s more than that, it’s like a fully encrypted social node with firewall and malware detection capabilities, and it can communicate with any other social node on the cyberspace at your commands, and the commands will be your only!

Even though it’s a big if, what I’m saying or surmising what the folks at Diaspora are up to, and if I’m correct on this, it means the future for social network will never be the same.  Why don’t we try to imagine that there are billions Mark Zuckerberg out there downloading Diaspora for free, running the software on their computer systems and home networks, and they’re the one who’ll be calling the shots as to what types of compatible social nodes have the ability to communicate with their Diaspora nodes.

Hopefully the interface for Diaspora will be easy as pushing a button here and there!  Any average Joe can fire up a personal social network, leave it on for however long, or turn it off, and the information can only be shared with the permission of a node’s owner.  A new kind of social networks which has better quality in controlling the flow of privacy and information.

From what I’ve heard that Diaspora is an open source project, and if it’s true, any Joe out there who is pretty good at programming can download Diaspora and configure it to one’s taste — a custom social network with a lot of flair.  It will be flashy!  Diaspora will be readied for you soon, late this year I think!  OK, enough with my surmises, why don’t you check out a video below, and hear what the geniuses behind the Diaspora project have to say.  Source.


Diaspora: Personally Controlled, Do-It-All, Distributed Open-Source Social Network from daniel grippi on Vimeo.

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