YouTube Rolls Out A New Web Video Editor, Simple To Use

Reading from here, it seems YouTube is reviving its old idea which was about how YouTube allowed it users to edit video online, this time around YouTube rolls out a new simpler web video editor that is less resource hogging, allowing everyone to edit videos on the web with ease.  It’s an experimentation that YouTube hopes the people who are new to video editing, or the people who have never touched video editing before can use the new web video editor as if it’s a second nature.  Obviously, it’s a simple interface with very little features to make video editing a breeze, but professional video editors probably won’t like it so much.  One good reason for professional video editors to be hyped about YouTube’s web video editor:  a quick editing that requires very little of any advance modification to an already well done edited video, this new web video editor of YouTube may be useful in this very sense.  Source.


WordPress 3.0 Merges WordPress and WordPress MU 2gether

Boys and girls, WordPress 3.0 is out.  If you’re reading this now, it means you’re one step behind your peers in upgrading your WordPress website.  This version is boasting that it has fixed around 1,217 bugs.  That’s a lot of bugs were squashed!  New features?  It won’t be so exciting if the newer version rolls out without the new features, but the people behind WordPress already have had you in their mind, always; they had merged the WordPress MU with regular WordPress together!  I consider the merge of the two is one huge new feature for regular WordPress and WordPress MU users.  Other new features such as lighter interface, newer API which is important for WordPress theme developers, and so on.

Why the merge is so cool?  Let understand what is WordPress MU first before you can really appreciate the merge that had happened!  WordPress MU is another version of WordPress, but it’s more for web entrepreneurs and corporations and universities — WordPress MU allows you to host more than one blog using sub-domains or sub-directories as a way to distribute blogs as each user demands a blog and a blog address of their own, a perfect example would be Blogmyway BV2.  WordPress 3.0 has made WordPress MU obsoleted.  Essentially, WordPress 3.0 and WordPress MU is the same thing now!  The not-yet-up-to-speed version WordPress MU is 2.9.2, and it seems that you can still download it at

The merge is great for regular WordPress users, they can always expand the model of their WordPress websites by either adding more blogs with different themes and tailored contents for each blog without installing WordPress over and over again.  Although Domain Mapping plugin is not yet compatible with WordPress 3.0, I’m pretty sure that someone or the person who is behind this plugin will eventually make the plugin to be compatible with WordPress 3.0.  That is going to be a huge plus, because regular WordPress users can use domain mapping plugin to allow each blog to be mapped to a specific domain name.  For an example, instead of and, domain mapping plugin allows those turn into and

WordPress MU users may not see WordPress 3.0 as something shiny and new, but at least the old bugs are now squashed when one upgrades WordPress MU 2.9.2 to WordPress 3.0.  Also, WordPress MU users won’t have to wait for WordPress developers to update WordPress MU; a well known phenomenon, regular WordPress’s newer version gets roll out before WordPress MU gets update.  Small distinguished newer features in WordPress 3.0 is also now available for WordPress MU users — because WordPress 3.0 is now WordPress MU.  (Correct me if I’m wrong on that!)  There is more, just check the video after the jump for more insight into this newer version, WordPress, 3.0 that’s!

Twitter Effect, A Cannot Go Without Tool?

Twitter Effect is what I like to call if I may, it has potent values for many people, albeit the values Twitter has for each mindful person can be very different in various degrees from spams to stellar matters of importance, to some people it’s a certain that Twitter has becoming another elite communication tool of the 21st century.  Author for “Twitter at a crossroads once again,” Caroline McCarthy hints that Twitter may choose to turn itself into a less of a phenomenon — more of a cannot go without tool, and one perfect example of this would be email.  Email is an exotic communication tool that came to life in the very-very late of the 20th century, it’s still very much a cannot go without tool for this early 21st century as far the eyes can see.

Twitter might succeed at turning itself into a cannot go without tool, but is it necessary?  Twitter in a way is a phenomenon, and this phenomenon has solidified into a stable trend where staple of people use it every day in facilitating their agenda.  Some agenda involve in making huge money, spread the words of God, alert a breaking news, UFO sighting, weird ideas, amazing experiences that convey into short, concise messages, and the bunch of farms more.  In my case, I have been using Twitter to notify people about my new articles and blog posts such as this very post that you’re reading right now.

Twitter is certainly has the look of a cannot go without tool already, some Twitterers describe themselves as Twitter addicts, they cannot stop checking for new tweets and tweeting themselves all day long.  No wonder, there is a device that dedicates only to Twitter which allows one thing, twittering.  What about me, me me?  In my case, I’m not qualify to be a Twitter addict, because to be one, you have to surf for tweets all day long; I often allow a plugin of WordPress to automatically write a tweet to notify my followers that there is a new blog post — set it once, look it twice, and sleep on it for a very long time.

Twitter is certainly a cannot go without tool for some, but I don’t think it is so for me, just not yet.  I don’t think I have used Twitter at an optimum level, but my need so far isn’t demanding of Twitter much.  What about you?  Will Twitter be a cannot go without tool for you, or it is already so?  Check out the source for a better understanding of the dilemma that Twitter is facing, and what it may do as its service gets even more popular.

Free WiFi, But Why Stop There, Starbucks Lets You Surf Paid Digital Contents For Free

Besides making quality coffee, Starbucks is going to allow coffee drinkers to surf quality, paid digital contents for free!  Starbucks knows that coffee business is just going to get a lot more dirty, competitions are heated, McDonald is constantly modifying its coffee menu, and so other coffee shops.  Not to mention that Starbucks has a more expensive coffee menu!  All things are equal, Starbucks’ coffee may taste a lot better — some people may disagree, but I think Starbucks does a better job at making delicious coffee drinks than McDonald, for now.

Starbucks has one advantage, it’s a place where people can feel comfortable as they mingle with each other; it’s an environment that very different from fast food restaurants such as McDonald, because Starbucks is targeting customers who are willing to spend more than $4 for a coffee drink.  The people who come to Starbucks to mingle do not want to order foods at light speed and then finish their foods at sound speed and then leave the place at once, instead the people come to Starbucks to mingle, surf the web, and do other obvious, foolish things.

Starbucks wants to turn up the competition gauge a knot by providing free WiFi access to all (no longer that you have to have an ATT account or register for a Starbucks Card), and free access to paid digital contents while surfing the web at Starbucks’ locations.  It’s unclear when exactly this sweet deal that Starbucks promises to roll out — will be available, but if everything goes according to plan, by fall of 2010, people may be able to drink their hardy coffee at Starbucks and surf for free quality, paid digital contents at the price of for just being at Starbucks with a physical body.    Source.

More Money For Alternative Energy's R&D Is A Must

Powerful people have woken up from slumbers as they see how risky it’s to drill oil from offshore oil rigs since BP spill.  People now know that oil drilling isn’t the only answer!  Yes, it’s true that higher risk sometimes invites higher reward, but what if we don’t have to risk in terms of offshore pollution such as oil spill, funding the unfriendly countries with outrageous money that could be spending at home, and procrastinating in innovation to not move a nation forward where promising alternative energies could be developed.

Perhaps, not all alternative energies are resourceful and clean, and we should stay away from such just as we would’ve wanted to do the same for the traditional crude (maybe not completely as it’s a balancing act).  This is why I think we have to be careful about our choices on energy.  Traditional oil is limited in term of resource, and it’s hard to find and harder to drill than ever before, companies such as BP have to drill deeper in bodies of water where the risk of oil spill is higher.

Oil sand isn’t cleaner since the process of making liquid fuel from it can emit 10 to 45% more green house gases than conventional crude.  Energy is so important to an economy, it’s a logical strategy for our nation to strive in finding more ways of creating energy — the more choices the better.  Bill Gates and other powerful people are voicing that our nation has spent so little money in research and development for alternative energy in a way that when moving forward, our nation may face a devastating energy crisis.

Alternative energy can invoke new sciences, new job careers, new resources to fuel our economy, cleaner environment, and so on.  I don’t see why we only have to drill, we can do so much more by going green.  Even if going green is not our true intention, doing it can actually create more jobs.  As we’re cutting down the exploitation of oil (gradually to an acceptable level), and producing more alternative energies, we are doing a big favor for our mother nature.  Greener energy provides cleaner environment where healthier living can be achieved for all.  Source.