iPhone 4 Competitors, Check Out Windows Phone 7 Series And Droid X

People spend money as if it’s a Christmas season as many of them have gone and get themselves an iPhone 4.  People wait in lines in US and around the world to get an upgrade to a newer iPhone, and some of these people are first time iPhone users.  OK, so we have got it, iPhone is one hot gadget!  Nonetheless, even an iPhone should not be an end to all gadgets, because there are so many choices out there!  What about Windows Phone 7 Series?  The OS’s user interface for Windows Phone 7 Series looks really sweet, sleek, and fresh. It’s very different from the OS that is on earlier mobiles from Microsoft.  Windows Phone 7 Series may release around October this year.







Windows Phone 7 Series is cool, but here is another contender that we cannot just ignore which is Google’s Droid X. This baby probably is more powerful than iPhone 4 and Windows Phone 7 Series. Droid X has 8 megapixel camera which is more than what iPhone 4 has, iPhone 4 has only 5 megapixel camera. Again, Droid X, the device itself does not look bad at all, and if you set it side by side with Windows Phone 7 Series and iPhone 4, I’ve to say they all look gorgeous and Droid X isn’t shy to be just as cool as the other phones. Android 2.1 is going to be Droid X’s OS.



Someone from Mobileburn used Droid X to shoot a video in 720p HD format.  It looks great!



The Court Gave YouTube A Victory As Viacom Saw Its $1 Billion In Damage Claim Slipped Away In A Copyright Battle

YouTube has announced its victory against Viacom in a court case!  About three years ago, Viacom sued Google for YouTube had hosted Viacom’s copyrighted videos.  Viacom was seeking $1 billion in damages!  Unfortunately for Viacom, it’s now clear that their frivolous charges against YouTube have only strengthen YouTube for many years to come!

As long YouTube cooperates with copyright holders to make sure their works are compensated fully, there is no reason for YouTube to be punished by just being kind as in hosting a free web video service where hundreds of millions of web videos are shared by millions of people.  YouTube has not taken copyright matter lightly at all as I’ve seen way too many videos were pulled off of YouTube, because the copyright holders hadn’t granted some YouTube’s users to upload their copyrighted videos.

Obviously, YouTube is one huge web video service where way too many videos are being uploaded in seconds in a near constant rate, this is why it’s unfair to hold YouTube accountable for copyrighted videos that aren’t yet made aware as questionable videos that need to be pulled off of YouTube.  With YouTube’s victory against Viacom, many other websites that are offering user generated contents can also breathe a little easier, because they now know that they too may have a winning chance if they have to face similar charges that YouTube had dealt with in this case.  Indeed, it’s a big win for many people on the side of YouTube!  Source.  Related article: “Viacom sues Google over YouTube clips.”