Flash 10.1 Works On Android Mobile Devices, Apple's Users Drool Over The Possibility!

Flash has recently released Flash version 10.1.  The newer version is now working with devices that are running Android OS as this article has claimed.  Android mobile devices can now use Flash 10.1 to play browser games and watch web videos.  This is something that iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch cannot do.

Everyone knows YouTube, and YouTube is using Flash to play web videos, HTML5 is still in testing mode here (that’s, beta mode).  Flash is also famous for allowing people to play browser games.  Web designers have often used Flash to create beautiful looking websites, but other people have also argued that Flash websites are not friendly to search engines — search engines can’t index Flash websites as easy as regular websites using HTML.  Fortunately, Google can crawl and index Flash contents as this article here has claimed so!

So what’s the big idea?  Although Flash is widespread, more people are beginning to want something else!  Large amount of people are patiently waiting for HTML5 to be officially released!  HTML5 is in the work to replace Flash, it’s what many people have been hoping!  The people who are wanting Flash to be faded out have their reasons, one among many reasons that Flash is in the negatives is that Flash has been well known for being vulnerable to various security exploitations.  Maybe Flash 10.1 has patched up most of those security flaws?

People are arguing that HTML5 is going to be the standard for all browsers when it comes out.  For Flash, you have to really download Flash and install!  HTML5 is going to come with many browsers by default, no installation of HTML5 will be necessary, the only necessary step for a user to be able to use HTML5 is to install a browser that is supporting HTML5.

I can see few shortcomings when comparing HTML5 against Flash, but time may change my mind!  As of now, I think Flash is the only way to go!  Why I prefer Flash over HTML5, for now?  HTML5 isn’t available yet, but Flash already has a huge chunk of presence on the web already; nothing is yet comparable to Flash!  Adobe is the creator of Flash, and this company may not want to see Flash becoming outdated by rolling out newer features that may make Flash far more advanced technology than HTML5.  Although Flash can never beat HTML5 in browser adaptation (HTML5 may be in many browsers by default), but Flash is a proven technology that people know they can always rely on if HTML5 fails to rise to the expectations.

Time may change my mind on which technology is better!  The HTML5 developers may code HTML5 so well that may jeopardize Flash’s presence in the web market!  Unfortunately, the real product is not yet out to sway my mind away from Flash!

Here is something hopeful about HTML5:

  1. It seems that HTML5 has the capability to allow web browser game developers to develop games using HTML5 as this article has claimed.
  2. HTML5 allows users to play web videos just like Flash!
  3. More unknown capabilities may prove that Flash is redundant!

HTML5 may be just as vulnerable as Flash in security.  When a technology that designs to support a wide variables of functions, it’s obvious that the software (code base) has to be huge, and the bigger the software, the higher the chance for bad codes to be coded into the software.  The developers are human, you know!  This is why I hardly recommend HTML5 over Flash yet, because there is no concrete evidence that when HTML5 rolls out, it will work better than Flash!  Hold your horse on HTML5 until it can be proven that Flash is unnecessary!

It’s smart for Android to adopt Flash so easily!  It’s smart for Flash to expand its market base by making Flash works better on Adroid devices!  It’s not so smart for Apple to bet all of its eggs on HTML5!  I think, the more choices people have (that’s, game developers, Internet users like you and me, etc…), the better for all!  Personally, I think Apple needs to support Flash until HTML5 comes rolling, but the company has decided that it wants to wait rather than willing to adopt Flash.  When will HTML5 officially release?