Scammers Stole Millions From Victims Through Small Changes

The authorities had uncovered a new scam where victims were bilked in small amounts from their credit cards such as in .25 cents up to $9.00, and the scam was in operation for four years.  The scammers who were behind this amazing scam made around $9.5 million according to the source here, and around 1.35 million credit cards were affected.

The scammers are still at large, because the authorities have not yet been able to positively identify the scammers.  The scam was successful is largely due to the carelessness of the fraud detection process from credit card processing companies.  Victims rarely take action when they see small charges such as .25 cents as they think it must have been some type of credit card fees from the credit card processing companies.  The credit card processing companies’ fraud detection process often care not to verify charges that are less than $10.00.

The scammers took the carelessness of the fraud detection process as a gateway to free money.  They stole millions of dollars from credit card holders.  Perhaps, they’re laughing to the bank while we’re talking about their outlawed scheme!  Source.


iPhone 4 Competitors, Check Out Windows Phone 7 Series And Droid X

People spend money as if it’s a Christmas season as many of them have gone and get themselves an iPhone 4.  People wait in lines in US and around the world to get an upgrade to a newer iPhone, and some of these people are first time iPhone users.  OK, so we have got it, iPhone is one hot gadget!  Nonetheless, even an iPhone should not be an end to all gadgets, because there are so many choices out there!  What about Windows Phone 7 Series?  The OS’s user interface for Windows Phone 7 Series looks really sweet, sleek, and fresh. It’s very different from the OS that is on earlier mobiles from Microsoft.  Windows Phone 7 Series may release around October this year.

Windows Phone 7 Series is cool, but here is another contender that we cannot just ignore which is Google’s Droid X. This baby probably is more powerful than iPhone 4 and Windows Phone 7 Series. Droid X has 8 megapixel camera which is more than what iPhone 4 has, iPhone 4 has only 5 megapixel camera. Again, Droid X, the device itself does not look bad at all, and if you set it side by side with Windows Phone 7 Series and iPhone 4, I’ve to say they all look gorgeous and Droid X isn’t shy to be just as cool as the other phones. Android 2.1 is going to be Droid X’s OS.

Someone from Mobileburn used Droid X to shoot a video in 720p HD format.  It looks great!


The Court Gave YouTube A Victory As Viacom Saw Its $1 Billion In Damage Claim Slipped Away In A Copyright Battle

YouTube has announced its victory against Viacom in a court case!  About three years ago, Viacom sued Google for YouTube had hosted Viacom’s copyrighted videos.  Viacom was seeking $1 billion in damages!  Unfortunately for Viacom, it’s now clear that their frivolous charges against YouTube have only strengthen YouTube for many years to come!

As long YouTube cooperates with copyright holders to make sure their works are compensated fully, there is no reason for YouTube to be punished by just being kind as in hosting a free web video service where hundreds of millions of web videos are shared by millions of people.  YouTube has not taken copyright matter lightly at all as I’ve seen way too many videos were pulled off of YouTube, because the copyright holders hadn’t granted some YouTube’s users to upload their copyrighted videos.

Obviously, YouTube is one huge web video service where way too many videos are being uploaded in seconds in a near constant rate, this is why it’s unfair to hold YouTube accountable for copyrighted videos that aren’t yet made aware as questionable videos that need to be pulled off of YouTube.  With YouTube’s victory against Viacom, many other websites that are offering user generated contents can also breathe a little easier, because they now know that they too may have a winning chance if they have to face similar charges that YouTube had dealt with in this case.  Indeed, it’s a big win for many people on the side of YouTube!  Source.  Related article: “Viacom sues Google over YouTube clips.”

Flash 10.1 Works On Android Mobile Devices, Apple's Users Drool Over The Possibility!

Flash has recently released Flash version 10.1.  The newer version is now working with devices that are running Android OS as this article has claimed.  Android mobile devices can now use Flash 10.1 to play browser games and watch web videos.  This is something that iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch cannot do.

Everyone knows YouTube, and YouTube is using Flash to play web videos, HTML5 is still in testing mode here (that’s, beta mode).  Flash is also famous for allowing people to play browser games.  Web designers have often used Flash to create beautiful looking websites, but other people have also argued that Flash websites are not friendly to search engines — search engines can’t index Flash websites as easy as regular websites using HTML.  Fortunately, Google can crawl and index Flash contents as this article here has claimed so!

So what’s the big idea?  Although Flash is widespread, more people are beginning to want something else!  Large amount of people are patiently waiting for HTML5 to be officially released!  HTML5 is in the work to replace Flash, it’s what many people have been hoping!  The people who are wanting Flash to be faded out have their reasons, one among many reasons that Flash is in the negatives is that Flash has been well known for being vulnerable to various security exploitations.  Maybe Flash 10.1 has patched up most of those security flaws?

People are arguing that HTML5 is going to be the standard for all browsers when it comes out.  For Flash, you have to really download Flash and install!  HTML5 is going to come with many browsers by default, no installation of HTML5 will be necessary, the only necessary step for a user to be able to use HTML5 is to install a browser that is supporting HTML5.

I can see few shortcomings when comparing HTML5 against Flash, but time may change my mind!  As of now, I think Flash is the only way to go!  Why I prefer Flash over HTML5, for now?  HTML5 isn’t available yet, but Flash already has a huge chunk of presence on the web already; nothing is yet comparable to Flash!  Adobe is the creator of Flash, and this company may not want to see Flash becoming outdated by rolling out newer features that may make Flash far more advanced technology than HTML5.  Although Flash can never beat HTML5 in browser adaptation (HTML5 may be in many browsers by default), but Flash is a proven technology that people know they can always rely on if HTML5 fails to rise to the expectations.

Time may change my mind on which technology is better!  The HTML5 developers may code HTML5 so well that may jeopardize Flash’s presence in the web market!  Unfortunately, the real product is not yet out to sway my mind away from Flash!

Here is something hopeful about HTML5:

  1. It seems that HTML5 has the capability to allow web browser game developers to develop games using HTML5 as this article has claimed.
  2. HTML5 allows users to play web videos just like Flash!
  3. More unknown capabilities may prove that Flash is redundant!

HTML5 may be just as vulnerable as Flash in security.  When a technology that designs to support a wide variables of functions, it’s obvious that the software (code base) has to be huge, and the bigger the software, the higher the chance for bad codes to be coded into the software.  The developers are human, you know!  This is why I hardly recommend HTML5 over Flash yet, because there is no concrete evidence that when HTML5 rolls out, it will work better than Flash!  Hold your horse on HTML5 until it can be proven that Flash is unnecessary!

It’s smart for Android to adopt Flash so easily!  It’s smart for Flash to expand its market base by making Flash works better on Adroid devices!  It’s not so smart for Apple to bet all of its eggs on HTML5!  I think, the more choices people have (that’s, game developers, Internet users like you and me, etc…), the better for all!  Personally, I think Apple needs to support Flash until HTML5 comes rolling, but the company has decided that it wants to wait rather than willing to adopt Flash.  When will HTML5 officially release?

Mistakes To Avoid When Installing & Upgrading To WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is becoming more like an elite CMS.  Unfortunately, advance features that can only be of any use to WordPress theme developers are somethings that look really gibberish to WordPress’s newcomers, an example would be the creation of custom taxonomies.  WordPress 3.0 is way more powerful than older WordPress versions, which means it’s a little more complicate to install than older WordPress versions.  Any user who wants to use WordPress 3.0 as a single site, the installation process isn’t going to be hard, it’s only a matter of adding new security keys to replace a dumb default security keys inside wp-config.php, and the rest of the installation process should be the same as one would go about installing the older WordPress versions.  For someone has no idea what the security keys are, just take a look at wp-config.php closely, within this file, there should be a link which pointed you to somewhere on the web to generate security keys on the fly.

The installation for WordPress 3.0 is only get more confusing when one decides to activate WordPress Network which allows users to create more than one unique blog.  Fortunately, to a seasonal WordPress users, the activation of Network isn’t that hard.  By following the instruction closely, users need to deactivate their plugins, backup all files and directories, backup the database, backup the wp-config.php and .htacess file for redundancy measures before activating Network. Even if one isn’t going to activate Network, the previous recommended steps are the must do steps; too many people had upgraded their blogs but discovered that their blogs could not be recovered for they who had forgotten about the backup process completely.  Backups are done?  Activating the Network, users only have to visit /wp-admin/network.php directly in their browsers, following the instruction that display by network.php, one cannot go wrong in activating the WordPress Network.

Sometimes, the first time encounter that one has had with network.php through browsers, the codes to be entered into .htaccess that displayed by network.php may not be the correct codes since wp-config.php has not yet had correctly edited with the right codes.  By entering the correct codes/information for wp-config.php which has instructed by /wp-admin/network.php for the first time, it’s now that you can be rest assured the second time around, accessing /wp-admin/network.php through a browser will reveal the correct codes for .htaccess file.  Without having the correct codes for .htaccess file, sites can only be created but cannot be displayed correctly and sites’ backends will only show Not Found page.  Site is a unique blog that WordPress Network allows users to create, and an authorized user can create more than one site.

WordPress users who are upgrading their older WordPress versions to WordPress 3.0 may also face problems such as cannot access the backends for new sites at all, sometimes even the main site’s backend will have access problem.  This is why it’s utterly important for one to disable all installed plugins before going ahead and upgrading to WordPress 3.0.  When done upgrading to WordPress 3.0, one can go into wp-config.php and change “define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);” to “define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);” — refresh the site to show the errors that are associated with the installing plugins and other related hidden elements.  Copy down those error notices/warnings, then go back into wp-config.php and revert the “true” part to “false” again to ensure no error will be displayed to visitors of your blog.  It can be a huge security issue if those important errors are showing up to just about anyone, because anyone can use those information to exploit your blog.  With those error notices/warnings on hand, one can go about WordPress forum to ask for help; one can also deactivate each plugin at a time to see if any error will go away, and upgrading to newer plugins to completely do away with those errors.

Also, most likely that one will encounter a Not Found error page when click on a single post to show a specific entry on its own page when activating WordPress 3.0 Network feature.  The hiccup is largely due to the structural change of permalinks right after the activation of the Network feature.  To fix this problem, one can go to Permalinks link which can be found right under Settings, switch permalinks to default, click “Save Changes,” switch back to the original permalinks setting, and then click “Save Changes” again to get rid of the error Not Found for single post.

To simplify the process even more, one can always sign up with a web hosting service that allows one click installation for WordPress.  The web hosting service does the dirty work, and you just sit back and create contents for your blog.  The installation, maintenance, and performance processes can be covered by your web hosting service, that’s if you find a good web hosting service.  Obviously, content creation process for a blog is an ongoing thing, one has to be creatively stubborn about writing new contents to have a successful blog!  Have fun with your blog that is powering by WordPress 3.0!

Adminimize 1.7.7 Failed To Work With WordPress 3.0

I just figure out that the plugin Adminimize 1.7.7 for WordPress is not going to work with WordPress 3.0.  If you’re using this plugin, I recommend to remove it from /wp-content/plugins/ directory for now and wait till Adminimize’s developers release a newer, a more compatible version that can work with WordPress 3.0.  What is the side effect of using Adminimize 1.7.7 with WordPress 3.0?  Simply put, in the backend of your WordPress, on the very left panel/column, the links to Media, Links, Dashboard, and so on will not appear as long the plugin Adminimize 1.7.7 is activating.  Remove the plugin will resume those main links.  Correct me if I’m wrong, maybe someone else may have a working around solution to this very problem that I’m experiencing with Adminimize, because I see here that it says Adminimize is compatible with WordPress 3.0 Alpha; then again, it’s only compatible with the Alpha and not the official release version that is out now (what I’m using now).  What you think?