Flash's Not Evil Nor Saint

Here is the argument that web developers and iPhone developers love to take a jab at, is Flash good or bad?  Some web developers think that Flash has a bad influence on the web, because too many flash applications crash too many web browsers for too many times that reduce the web browsing experience considerably.  Other web developers that also want to extend their reach into the iPhone world complain about how the world is not appreciating Flash enough; iPhone is still without Flash.

Although I’m not a web developer or an iPhone developer, I think Flash is not evil nor saint.  Flash is just a tool that great flash developers could develop great flash applications just like any other great application.  Just take a look at YouTube for an example, this huge video portal is using Flash to display videos without crashing people’s web browsers.  Correct me if I’m wrong, displaying videos using Flash is simpler than creating a video games in Flash, but I had played Flash video games without getting the browser crashes — it’s totally depend on each Flash application, video game, and application.

Flash definitely is not evil, and it’s up to an individual who is using Flash to develop his or her application.  Real case scenario, my sister really wants to use iPhone to watch videos from websites that are legally displaying videos in Flash, but it’s totally impossible for her to do so since iPhone is not supporting Flash; I can see that only geeky people do not care about Flash and may have way to get around Flash when it comes to iPhone, but non-geeky people like my sister are probably just as frustrate as mys sister is.  Being one of the most popular mobile devices, I think iPhone should support Flash; to be fair Apple may have reasons to not support Flash.  Check out a much different take on Flash in general.


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