Do You Miro?

Miro is a free software that you can download over the Internet for  free, and you can use Miro as your Internet TV, that’s without worrying about TV tuner card and so on.  It’s a bit different from YouTube, because it’s more organized than YouTube in a sense that it’s focus on categorizing videos (in HD and other formats) to fit the tastes of TV audiences.  Plus, you cannot upload video to Miro, because it’s not YouTube.  Fortunately, if you know your topic, Miro expedites the process of finding high quality videos that are extremely relevant to your topic.  Miro has other convenient features such as remember a video’s spot that you had watched, and when you revisit the same video, you get to see the continuation of that very video and not to have fiddling with the video player to figure out where you had quit the video previously; another cool feature is that Miro has the ability to automate the download process as long you subscribe to  a channel.  Without further ado, I had put together a demo video on Miro, and you can watch it after the jump!