Windows 7 "Black Screen of Death" Solution

And so you thought only Windows Vista has so called “Black Screen of Death,” but on Windows 7, some users have experienced the same thing.  It’s suspected that couple new updates from Microsoft are causing “Black Screen of Death” on Windows 7.  No worry, there is a fix for this.  If you are experiencing this, do not reinstall Windows 7, because it will be too much work to do so;  instead, head over to here and follow the instruction on how to stop the “Black Screen of Death” for good.

In case you are worrying about downloading the fix in fear of a malicious party pretends to be a solution, I looked around on the web for reviews about Prevx and found out that the fix is legit.  Even PCMag is giving a very good review about Prevx and its security software.  PCMag suggests that to install Prevx as a security solution, one only has to download a very small package, and so this is a plus since you can get a security software onto your computer fast.  In fact, to get Prevx onto your computer, all you need is to download Prevx’s 800kb package.  If this company is not legit, one may think it’s a malware package.  Some or most malware software come in very small sizes, because malware software want to sneak into your computer fast without raising too many suspicious flags.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is investigating the “Black Screen of Death.”  Even though Windows 7 claims to be very stable, one has to rethink why the software giant is still having to face “Black Screen of Death,” because this problem is also existed on Windows Vista.  For XP, I remembered I had to face with the “Blue Screen of Death.”  Even here and here are suggesting even newer Windows versions (i.e., not Windows XP) are susceptible to the “Blue Screen of Death.”

It seems that no matter how advance Windows gets, its past problems are somewhat still following it around.  To be fair to Windows, some of the problems people found on Windows were entirely related to old hardware that had given up on working normally, and so something like “Blue Screen of Death” appeared.  Even though I’m a Linux fan, I have to say, no operating system is perfect, because even Linux sometimes experiences instability issues.  Just remember that, having a working PC around is a great thing as you can always get online and dig around for a solution to annoying problems like “Black Screen of Death” and “Blue Screen of Death.”

Update:  People now claim that Microsoft’s updates have nothing to do with the “Black Screen of Death!”  Check here and here for the claims.  A clear solution has not yet surfaced, but some security experts believe that Prevx’s fix can work for most people on stopping the “Black Screen of Death,” but some also suggest that maybe Prevx releases the fix to get some publicity — but the fix does work.  Prevx posts a post apologizing to Microsoft about its claim on Microsoft’s updates as the sources for “Black Screen of Death.”  For now, Prevx claims that Windows Registry could have been the source to the “Black Screen of Death.”  As Prevx proposes on its blog, Windows Registry works in a way if a malware got onto a Windows 7 computer and did not leave the null terminating characters, “Black Screen of Death” is the result.  It doesn’t have to be a malware, even a legitimate software that is not included the null terminating characters in Windows Registry can also cause the “Black Screen of Death.”