Sony's PlayStation Network Adds Subscription Level In Addition To Its Current Free Level

By skimming through an article at first, I thought PS3 Network will no longer allow you to play multiplayer games over its network for free, because it’s now.  Don’t worry if you have thought like that, because Sony is only add an additional premium level over current free level.  It’s not clear that what will be in the premium level as in subscription model, but the current features in free level such as Facebook, Netflix, and multiplayer games over PlayStation Network are continuing to be free.  Not to be feared, because I’m already content with the current free level, but I maybe one of those early subscribers to Playstation Network’s premium level if Sony puts out something extraordinary.  I hope the subscription level is affordable, otherwise I won’t be buying it.  Source.


Opera 10.10 Is Also A Web Server

Google is turning Chrome browser into a Chrome OS, but Opera is turning Opera browser into a web server.  I wonder what Microsoft will do to catch up with the trend?  It’s not a new concept for sharing stuffs over the web, but it’s surely is a reinvention of sharing stuffs over the web, because Opera 10.10 has a feature that allows you to turn your web browser into a web server.  As long your computer is running, your Opera browser allows your friends, family members from faraway, and strangers to access photos and files on a designated folder within your computer.  There are two access levels, one is for public browsing, and the other is for private browsing.  By enabling the public browsing level, anyone can access your contents through Opera 10.10’s Opera Unite feature.  The opposite of public browsing level is the private browsing level which needs a password.

Using Opera 10.10, you can even share your contents with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and others.  It sure is easier for sharing stuffs using the web and Opera 10.10, but if there is a security vulnerability within Opera browser’s Opera Unite feature by chance, it’s just another wide open door for hackers to walk right through.  Also, if you’re sharing your contents using Opera 10.10 to strangers, unless you have a very fast connection, otherwise you will see your upload connection crawl to a tortoise pace.  Sharing the wrong folder on your computer, you may be sharing all your secret documents and private information.  Just remember that by sharing a folder, you basically allow all sub-folders of a main folder to be shared.  It’s a unique feature that no known browsers can do better than Opera 10.10 which is turning your browser into a web server, but do you want your browser be a web server?  Source.

Mac Users Beware, Smoking Is Bad For Macs

Put those cigarettes away Mac users, because if you do smoke and cigarettes’ tar got into your Mac, your Mac’s warranty is voided.  There are two known cases that have been reporting to Apple, and both cases were tossed out even though Steve Jobs knew about the cases.  The consumers who complained about their Macs stopped working shortly after they’ve bought the machines, brought the machines to the Apple’s stores, but cigarette is bio-hazard material, and so Apple’s stores technician refused to fix the Macs.  Apparently, the Macs were clogged with cigarette’s tar, and to fix the Macs, one has to clean up the tar and may have to replace Macs’ failed components.  Even if you read the warranty, there is no where within the warranty that says smoking cigarette is voiding your warranty.  Source.

Bing Versus Google Over News Contents

Why cry so loudly?  Don’t they all know that because of search engines, there will be more traffic for their online news websites?  Search engines are where everyone nowadays goes to for exploring the web, and without search engines, it will be very hard for everyone to find new websites and information.  Yet, Rupert Murdoch acts as if he doesn’t need a search engine to bring web traffic to his online news websites.  Perhaps, Mr. Rupert Murdoch doesn’t need, but all other small online magazine websites are surely do need those search engines’ web traffics.

Microsoft is striking a deal with Rupert Murdoch to buy exclusive right for indexing Rupert Murdoch’s online contents in an attempt to boast Bing’s online present over Google.  It’s hard to say even talking to many others well known brands of newspapers and magazines besides Rupert Murdoch, can Bing really do some hurt to Google?  The Google brand is so strong that its loyal users are in a habit of open up Google’s search box even though they know how to type a website’s address directly into a browser’s address bar.  It shows that Google is a very strong brand that will be around for years to come, and search engine technology is keep on getting better.  Whether Mr. Rupert Murdoch knows or not, his online news contents are just a grain of sand among a dune of sand, and perhaps, many other online news magazines and news organizations love to take over Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s spot within Google’s search results.

For your information, legitimate search engines allow website owners to use robot.txt file to code in a way that tell what contents on their website are allowed to be indexed.  Some not so well-known search engines do not follow the robot.txt’s rules, and so these crawl for everything on all websites.  Many website owners do not like this, and so they block’s the IP addresses of these unorthodox search engines.  The search engines that aren’t follow the robot.txt’s rules can sometimes create a denial of service attack effect and bandwidth overload effect.

Whether Mr. Rupert Murdoch likes it or not, his websites will get crawl by the search engines that do not follow the rules within robot.txt file.  It’s hard to know it’s legal or illegal, and probably it’s perfectly legal to link to another website without the need of asking for a permission of a website owner. People can always shortly refer to the contents on Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s news websites, and linking to Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s news websites as the sources; Google then has the ability to crawl for those referrer contents, and in a way this is another way for Google to index Rupert Murdoch’s contents.  Exclusive contents do not belong on the web!  Unfortunately for Mr. Rupert Murdoch, nowadays, the web carries the information that people spend most of their times on.  Source.