Twitter Is Viral

Amazon is facing a social network crisis due to the fact that their online store prevents books that are related to gay and lesbian to be found easily.  An author found out that his book is no longer listing among other books, and so his revenue is down — all because that his book is about gay romance.  Twitter folks who may or may not be gay are outrageous about this, and so they tweet in thousands with tag “amazonfail.”

The micro blogging website Twitter is hot than ever before.  Its social feature that allows anyone to update personal message that the whole world can follow is viral.  Even John McCain once said to a reporter that a good thing about Twitter is that you can post a short message that means a lot.  I don’t know about that, but other people have find the use for Twitter in many ways.  Bloggers use Twitter to update their followers about new blog posts.  Musicians update their followers about their concert events.  So on and so on, and you can update the whole world about what you are doing right now — for example: picking your nose :)!

Concise messages can sometimes be more effective than long and boring messages.

CNN is also on Twitter, and so famous people like actor Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Britney Spears, and so on.  Famous celebrities on Twiter may or may not use ghostwriters to Twitter for them.  Only two months ago TimesOnline came up with a list of “The top 50 most popular celebs on Twitter.”

If you take a closer look at Twitter, it may not be that interesting if you have no agenda, but the people who have agenda do find that Twitter is very useful and purposeful.  If you are a Twitter user who have hundred thousands of followers, your simple concise messages suddenly become very powerful.  You can use such power to promote your philosophy, products, personal rants, and the sky is the limit.

Other programmers and website developers jump on the bandwagon by creating their own scripts that offer the same online features that Twitter is offering.  Clone websites of Twitter are out there, and if you use Google to dig around, you will be able to find couple Twitter clone websites without breaking too much sweat.  There are couple free or commercial Twitter clone software that you can purchase or download so you can run a Twitter clone website.  A free open source Twitter clone script that I know of is LaconicaYonkly is a web service that allows you to run a Twitter clone community.