Desert Jungle, Not A Narrow Minded Narrative

Why humans are different than animals?  We have something that the animals may never be able to learn, if ever.  One word, adaptability!  We humans are very adaptable.  Even if the sun would disappear from the sky, us humans maybe able to live on with mere things that never need to see the sunlight.  Sure, it might be an exaggeration, but the exaggeration does fit the narrative which depicts our adaptability.  We have shown over and over again that we humans are the only true domineer of this planet earth so far.  Thus, whenever I heard a narrative of why a mold of society, politics, or whatever doesn’t fit a group, I would think such a narrative is too narrow minded.

Somewhere on this planet earth, people are living in conditions that are unimaginable to many of us.  Nonetheless, they are living on.  Perhaps, they are waiting for something that will work for them.  With a savior, hero, leader, system, or whatever that will come and provide the means for poorest people to come out of their drought, I’m sure they will be as glorious just as people who do not have to worry about living below a poverty line.  Thus, I think it’s not simply one thing and only one thing that will work for only one group, but the picture is relatively more complex.

But don’t let the complex system fools us into thinking that complex theories can solve the most necessary basics that would move humans forward. Without proper basic needs such as foods on the table, clothes for cover, and other basic needs, us humans would die before that savior, hero, leader, system, or whatever could come to the rescue.

In short, with the right condition, a desert can bloom into a full blown jungle.  Somewhere on this planet, people who are living in direst conditions may find themselves a jungle if the right condition would eventually come to their rescue.  In my opinion, it’s not hypocritical to say that us humans are adaptable — when there is no sunlight and humans do need that extra boost under the right climate to find a jungle — because adaptability doesn’t mean to be completely naked.  Thus, when someone is trying to say a group of people will never be able to have something going for them is very narrow minded.  It’s not only about the mold, but it’s about the adaptability.  Nonetheless, adaptability without basic needs will almost be irrelevant.

Dr. Ron Paul On China’s Currency Devaluation And Currency War

Dr. Ron Paul warns more bad time to come as China is now beginning to participate in currency war.  Today, as it’s happening now, China devalues its currency to 1.9% weaker than the pegged Dollar (USA) (according to WSJ).  Market in the USA goes negative, and the world is actively watching China’s movements.  Dr. Ron Paul thinks what China is doing cannot solve China’s slow down in the long run, because the market eventually will force other countries to do the same thing which negates the benefits of what China is doing now.  Since China is devaluing its currency as we speak, can the FED in USA be able to raise interest rate?  Is China sending a message to the IMF and USA for not including China’s Yuan in SDR basket thus far?  How far China will devalue her currency?  Anyhow, check out Dr. Ron Paul’s message on China’s currency devaluation in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain First Look

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain looks really fun.  With new FOB feature (Forward Operating Base) to enhance multiplayer experience, I think Metal Gear Solid V will be solid for the online community.  I just hope that Konami won’t take down YouTube videos from gamers who will share their MGS V’s FOB gameplay fun.  The game will be released on September 1st of this year (2015), and it would be available for Windows, Xbox One, and PS4.  Check out 30 minutes worth of gameplay for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

[BBC Documentary 2015] Gold Moves East (YouTube Video)

Some people claim gold to be out of fashion, because it’s only a commodity with ancient intrinsic value.  Nonetheless, we all know that an ounce of gold comparing to an ounce of most things on earth, gold would be more coveted after.  Since gold is more valuable than most commodity — even though nobody can ever eat it — it makes sense that according to the demand of time any price could be named for just an ounce of gold.  For an example, hypothetically, another major world war may boost the price of gold to $20,000 for an ounce of gold.  Of course, it could also mean a future world disaster may dictate the price of gold in any amount of worth, but the example I gave is a hypothetical one only.  Since gold is being imagined as out of fashion in this moment in time, people are buying up gold as trinkets and not as something that could secure their future, thus people may easily give up their gold in good time.  When bad time comes, I fear people who go without gold will find life suddenly becomes a lot bleaker.  In World War II, gold was a major source of finance for battles across Europe and elsewhere.  In ancient time, gold was the source of wars and greed.  What would be the role of gold for this century and the next?  Check out the video right after the break to see how gold is being viewed throughout the world.  Enjoy!!!


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