How to Install the Elder Scrolls Online when Install_ESO.exe Is Not Working

Today, the Elder Scrolls Online is officially subscription free.  Nonetheless, you still have to buy the game before you can start playing the game.  I got the game long time ago, and so I decided to give the Elder Scrolls Online another go.  I downloaded the Install_ESO.exe file from the Elder Scrolls Online’s official website, but this file is not launching the game launcher for me at all. Luckily, there is a fix for this problem.  Basically, I manually launched the game launcher.  By the way, you need the latest Java installation before you can even try to launch the game launcher.  Anyhow, watch my video right after the break for the fix in details.  Enjoy!!!

Beautiful Skyrim Gameplay Episode 8 – Hosting A Party In Sovngarde’s Hall of Valor

After the slaying of Alduin, I want to host a party to celebrate the defeat of Alduin (boss of all dragons).  But where should I host the party?  Ah, that’s right!  I think I shall host this party in Sovngarde.  There is not a better place to host such a party.  In this episode, I host a party in Sovngarde’s Hall of Valor.  A few guests that raise eyebrows say they would come to join the party too.  Why don’t you join my party?

Beautiful Skyrim Gameplay Episode 4

In the last episode, a dragon was resurrected, but how could that be?  Dragons were supposed to be forgotten in their ancient graves, but now they are all over Skyrim.  Anyhow, I’d slain the zombie dragon in the last episode, and in this episode I’m heading for Solitude to figure out what the Thalmors know of the dragon resurrections.  Enjoy!!!


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