If Ebola Hammers The Economy, People Rather Die At Home

I usually don’t like to rant on something I have zero clue about.  Nonetheless, Ebola scare is something that I don’t know about but I want to rant on.  I think Ebola scare is real, whether Ebola will become something of the past as new treatments will be made available or not.  Even now, I don’t know how you could catch Ebola or how you would die from it.  In fact, I heard how fatal Ebola could be, and that’s pretty much all the facts I need to know.  Sure, I’m uneducated about Ebola, but I do know one thing is that it’s not a joke to be around an infectious disease such as Ebola.  Ebola could spread!  This is why we’re seeing experts and medical personnels are being told to be super careful around Ebola such as wearing proper medical, protective gears.

With Ebola scare is real, we should know that if this Ebola scare gets even more serious, we may see the real economy gets destroyed, quickly.  One example, I’d read “Patients avoiding Dallas hospital where Ebola hit” article, and I knew right away that if Ebola spreads any further and be any more infectious and be any more scarier — hospitals around the country can see their revenues dwindling fast.  How about Ebola could scare people from travel?  That would dwindle the revenues of the travel agencies, airlines, and other relevant sectors easily!

I think Ebola is no joke unless someone has a cure that demotes Ebola into a common flu.  Ebola could be spread and so any entity which has the power to put resources into preventing the spread of this disease must do all it can to stop Ebola from spreading.  As I’d said, Ebola can kill not only people, but it can also kill the economy.  If the economy of a system is getting killed, the people within the system will not fair any better.  What’s worse is that the sick ones will be killed off by Ebola and the healthy ones will become poorer for Ebola is killing the economy!  If a hospital isn’t well funded for it lacks of revenues since Ebola is stopping people from going to such hospital, then the healthy people — who may get sick and live near the hospital — may need to go out of their way and waste extra gas just to go to a farther hospital.  If too many hospitals are getting hammered by Ebola, people may rather die at home!

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The Legend of Korra Gameplay Episode 1 (Chapter 1 to 3)

Some of you may hate cartoon and anime, thus The Legend of Korra, the video game version of the animation TV show, may not be your cup of tea.  Nonetheless, if you are curious still, check out my first gameplay episode for The Legend of Korra (Chapter 1 to 3) in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

More information:  This game is best to be played with a Xbox 360 controller, thus it’s obviously best to be played on a console.  Nonetheless, PC gamers as I am have ways around this peculiar problem.  I play this game on PC using PS3 controller which mimics the Xbox 360 controller.  In game graphics feature allows you to switch between Smooth or Normal graphics mode.  It seems that Normal graphics mode has built in anti-alias if I’m not wrong, but the graphics effects of Normal mode aren’t smooth thus I prefer Smooth mode over Normal mode.  Instead of relying on in-game built-in anti-aliasing function, I turn on the MSAA 8x anti-aliasing feature within the NVIDIA’s Control Panel (NVIDIA’s driver for the graphics card) for the Smooth graphics mode.


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