Effortlessly Shifting Objects In A Photo Around In Mere Seconds With Photoshop CS6’s Content Awareness Feature

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Graphic design folks are going to love Photoshop CS6!  The new trick for Photoshop CS6 is content awareness.  By this I mean Photoshop users are going to be able to simply move any object within a photo around in mere seconds.  After moving an object away from its original position, the new photo would look as if it’s the original.  Furthermore, Photoshop users can use content awareness’ extend feature to extend an object such as its length.

Basically, content awareness is a timesaver for graphic designers, because they don’t have to use various tedious tricks to painstakingly shifting objects within a photo around.  Since this painstaking trick is now simply executing in mere seconds through Photoshop CS6, I cannot help but wonder will someone be able to use this technique (obviously Photoshop isn’t for video editing) and apply an automatic process frame by frame for videos?  It might be a stupid, on the fly idea which pops into my head as now, but it’s quite fascinating to me!  Anyhow, check out Photoshop CS6’s content awareness trick in the video right after the break.

Source:  http://gizmodo.com/5885285/photoshop-cs6-can-magically-move-around-any-object-in-your-photos

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